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Here is a selection of the fish that have been caught using my specialist hand tied trout and salmon flies.

Dear Sid, Just to say your flies came up with the goods again.Fishing with Phil Williams at Dever Springs making a high-defintion film for his website and Dever. We started off with tough fish,but by lunchtime had got it sorted. When All Else Fails and that ultra-violet? dressing with a slow retrieve gave us seven five to six pounders.Then I went on to the trusty "Firebird" in the margins and nailed a superb rainbow of 15lbs 10ozs,all caught on Phil's camera.Anyone interested can see it around mid October on Phil's website "fishingfilmsandfacts.co.uk" .Luckily Phil was standing behind me when I hooked up.Your flies definately outfished all the other anglers on the day,so I would be interested in a few more Firebirds with the smaller head size to cast further.Photo of big rainbow attached.PS-I have now caught more double and 20lb rainbows on these two flies alone,than all the others in my fly box !!!. Thanks again-Graeme Pullen.

15lb Rainbow Trout caught at Milestone Fishery by Mr R Robinson













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